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Pretreatment process

Pretreatment process


Pretreatment process

Pretreatment process: 1, oil dry, chosen. Before oil into the juice should be dried, cleanse, making the water not more than 12%, not more than 0.5% of impurities, in particular should be noted that many users ignore the selection of the essential oil pretreatment process, that dispensable. As everyone knows, without selection or selection of poorly oil, dirt can clog the oil, sand and gravel will accelerate wear on the parts, not only for the press to work influential, but also greatly shorten the pressing screw, pressing pieces , the cake mouth life. Such as oil mixed with rocks, metal and other hard objects, will immediately damage the pressing screw. Therefore, we must attach importance to improve fuel selection this off, you can have a multiplier effect, factory production has granule selection of machines for customers to use.
2, peel, peeled, of shelled, such as castorseed oil were sheller, peanut, etc., can increase press capacity and the oil yield of oilseeds. Our supporting castor sheller, castor peeling machine, cottonseed cashmere machine, sesame peeling machine for users to use.

3, broken rolled blanks, this machine can also handle this operation without oil, but after rolling embryo to improve the handling capacity and oil yield, reduce wear and tear squeezed Lo benefit both, especially after the castor by flaking effect better.
4, fried seeds. Although the machine can be adapted to cold-pressed, but the hot-pressed and productivity were higher than cold-pressed oil. When oil roasted, should moderate fire, turning even prevent fried coke or raw. I plant the recommended accessory products DZ-450,550 automatic Broiling machine.

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