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Castor oil washing process

Castor oil washing process


Castor oil washing process

Castor oil washing process, the washing process of the washing effect of affecting the operating temperature (oil temperature, water temperature) is low, less water, and therefore the center of oil deacidification step is a step of the refining process, the factors of temperature, water quality, water and stirring. Stirring is not appropriate, the loss will increase and affect the washing effect of the washing.


Castor oil washing process, soap after discharge, stirring heated oil to 85 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ water after using each oil weight from 15% to 20%, each adding water after washing with hot oil . Washed 1-2 times, agitation (30r / min or so) 3min ~ 5min, 30min ~ 50min after precipitation washing wastewater discharged.

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