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Desolventizing principle because of 6 # solvent oil boiling range width(60 ~ 90 ℃), its composition and more complex, although evaporation and stripping the recycling of mixed oil solvent, but the residual oil in the high boiling components is still difficult to clean, the leaching residue solvent in oil is higher.
Leaching residue solvent in oil removal operation is the "desolventizing".After desolventizing solvent residue in the oil should be not more than 50 mg/l.At present, the most is the water vapor distillation desolventizing method, its principle is that water vapor through leaching hair oil, vapor-liquid contact surface, the water vapor saturation by volatilization of solvent, and according to its partial pressure ratio escape, thus removing the solvent in oil leaching.

Greatly because of volatile solvent and oil, can make the steam distillation of volatile solvents removed from volatile oil hardly.Carried out under the high temperature desolventizing, and at the same time equipped with a high vacuum conditions, the aim is to: improve the volatile solvent;To protect oil under high temperature oxidation;Reduce the steam consumption.

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