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The hydration Theory: water is heated by water, protein, phospholipid mucus in oil and other impurities separation process. That will make the water after the expansion of phospholipids, volume increases, together, mucus proteins and other impurities in combination with phospholipid, relative density increasing sink precipitation.

Objective: the hydration of dephosphorization, because phosphorus can produce osteoporosis disease on the human body, so the index content first national oil standard is phosphorus limited, H2O. NaCl (saline) and phosphorus P produce chemical reaction to form heavy salt Na2P5O (sodium phosphate) and H2 (hydrogen) increase II plus saline to fine particles the moisture absorption of variable weight;


Methods: the water pressing hot crude oil adding hot brine 1-1.5% fully mixing, concrete water quantity should be based on the actual situation of crude oil, add more water is filtered oil also contains water, easy to rancidity, water less then the dephosphorization is not complete, crude oil is not clean.

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