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(1) The purpose of the various oils are decolorized with different colors, this is different because it contains the pigment due. For example, dark green chlorophyll so fat; so fat yellow carotene; during storage, carbohydrate and protein degradation leaving the fat brown color.
(2) Method oil bleaching of discolored sun decolorization, chemical decolorization, heating and adsorption method. Currently the most widely used assay is about to have a strong adsorption capacity of certain substances added to grease, remove adsorbed in the case of heating oil pigments and other impurities.
(3) The process of intermittent decolorization namely oil and adsorbent adsorption equilibrium once the process is completed in the decolorization process by intermittent state.

Decolorizing the oil sump into the bleaching tank via, heated and dried under vacuum with suction from the adsorbent in the adsorbent tank full contact under stirring, to complete the adsorption equilibrium, and then cooled by the oil pump is pumped into the filter press separation adsorbent. After decolorization oil import filter tank, by vacuum suction or pump into the deodorizing process, filter cake was then transferred to the adsorbent treatment tank recovery of residual.

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